Spotlight Breakfast

Based on customer insights, Spotlight Breakfast is a confident departure from the expected—and often disappointing—morning fare on offer at affordable hotels. It presents food in a transformational new way: a set of high- quality options, displayed in a circular form. The round form helps guests see breakfast in a new way, and delivers easy, healthy, flexible ways to start the day. The focused set of items allows the hotel property to deliver both variety and consistency. After breakfast hours, the beacon transforms into a communal table for working or waiting, complete with outlets for charging personal devices.

Following multiple phases of user testing, we designed high-fidelity prototypes of the physical stand, its food bins and a set of detailed recommendations for food and beverage selections. It launched in 2018 as part of Avid Hotels by IHG.

Year : 2018
Photo credit : © IDEO

Breakfast 2