The online shoe sales industry is a fast-growing market as consumers increasingly shift purchases online.

However the user experience can still to be improved. Thus it can be frustrating for a customer to return shoes he just bought when the size does not fit well.

One buying shoes online can now use the service Ajust. It enables user’s to accurately measure their feet, increasing user satisfaction and reducing the number of returned items.

The user simply prints the template of the desired shoe on a A4 paper sheet, cut along the dotted lines and place under foot. Lines on the page measure length and width, while the cut strip measures height (instep) by wrapping over the top of the foot. Once measured, the user can see if the shoe fits perfectly.

Year : 2014
Photo credit : Véronique Huyghe
Award : 3rd prize of Service Design competition La Poste
Exhibition : Biennale Internationale Design Saint-Étienne, France

Ajust 1